Every day, banks all over the world are getting richer while the people get rekt. That's why we introduce RektMe Cryptocurrency (RKME)

The People

Private & decentralized currency with low transactions fees on a fully trusted Blockchain


About RektMe
Day after day, millions of dollars are generated by financial institutions all around the world with their excessive fees and their lobbying. The normal people will never see the color of this money in the majority of cases. That's why RektMe wants to be the currency of the people. Bring your money back safely and let no one profit without your knowledge by impoverishing you.
Why RektMe
The world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is in full swing but carries many risks for small investors. Many of them get rekt in shady projects, scams or in asset thefts. Thousands of projects are currently accessible via different exchange but not a lot will survive in near future . RektMe is simple, fast, efficient and accessible to all with low transaction fees.
" With our project, we plan to significantly reduce the gap between rich people and poor people by reducing the profit of financials institutions "
Cryptocurrency RektMe - The People currency on a fully trusted Blockchain



RektMe website launch
Dev & Core team deployment
Initial Airdrop program


Swap WAVES supply to ERC20
Listing process on top exchanges
Swap widget development (USDT, BTC & ALT)


Team reserve unlock
iOS & Android App & Wallet development
Desktop Software & Wallet development


Token burn program
RektCard development
RektDEX development
" Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones "
– Benjamin Franklin

RektMe Token

How it's work
The RektMe token (RKME) has one main purpose: increase value of each RektMe community members wallet. Using different methods like periodic token burn, number of circulating supply at the same time, targeted marketing campaigns and many more. Easy to receive, exchange or send for a low transactions fees.
Initial airdrop
RektMe community members and early adopters get a chance to receive RKME token by complete all required steps on the initial airdrop program. This program allows Rekt people to get a truly decentralized token for almost nothing right before token sale and distribution begin.
Community driven
The RektMe project is nothing without the members of the community that makes it up. It is thanks to this community that the value of the asset will increase over time. The arrival of several startups based on new technologies still leaves room for a token serving as an alternative to traditional currencies.
Coin Ticker
Total Supply
Airdrop Amount
Team Reserve


The burn-in ratio will be set at 2.0% RKME by years from circulating supply. Token burn procedure will take place on the first day of each month (0.166667%/month).
RKME Token Burn
First year
RKME Token Burn
Second year
RKME Token Burn
Third year
The program will continue indefinitely and the total number of available tokens will be smaller. As the circulating supply decreases, the value of the token should increases with time.


The members of our team are dedicated and talented. If your question are "do they really exist?" The answer is "yes we are". We could show you multiple pictures of us with some links to our personnal or professionnal social networks. However, we prefer to work in the shadows but deliver a product that is just as functional if not more functional than other projects who focus more on image than product.
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